Hire Right People for your SEO
Hire Right People for your SEO

Posted on 16-06-2007

Hire Right People for your Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine optimization is a highly professionally job and it more than just putting links in Higher pr Directories or getting the reciprocal links with higher pr.  Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to make some hot new business.  In US and Western countries every one know the power of online and invest time and money in making their websites top on search engine pages.

In INDIA the awareness of search engine optimization is just picking up and this is the right time to know a lot of stuff about search engines and search engine optimizing companies.

Before Hiring a Professional SEO

Want to hire some one to optimise your website then follow these instructions carefully.

When hiring a SEO company you need to analyse a lot, to make sure that you choose the right one at the end of it.  Before approaching a seo company you write down the goals of your internet marketing like what to market, where to market, and how much you can spend for your total project,  who is your competitor, what is your competitor advantages  and scale down what you can spend for a month because you need to be prepare with your budget, because budget plays a important role in hiring a SEO expert.


Use Google keyword tool and check the best possible keywords which is generating huge hits and keywords which are generating small hits.    Choose the best 10 keywords which is getting maximum hits  and 10 keywords of small or moderate hits and with your set of keywords is ready, it is the right time to approach a SEO company and ask them for the help in optimising your website.

How to Choose Right SEO Company

It is Tough these days to choose a right SEO company‚Äôs because there are so many of them claiming that they are the best in the industry and when you study their works in detail you can easily segregate the best from the rest.

A Good SEO Company

Good SEO company always suggest you a long term strategy to optimise your website because Search engine optimisation is not magic to make your website on top of search engine pages in a few seconds or a few hours.


SEO is a process and it will take some time to optimise your web page for the top pages in search engines, never believe in companies promising that they can take you to the top in a short period, believe me it never works and if you analyse what they say, their main focus is to get your contract for at least six months and to build links from directories and never talk about their commitment to get your website on top of search engines for a top keyword. They are mere link builders who employed staffs to build links in directories and forums.  They never analyse your website, your competitors and techniques to organically. 

Search engine optimisation is a highly technical job and it requires customized strategy for each projects because some websites have strong SEO contents and some have strong of page optimisation so we need to analyse it properly to make it successful. optimise your website. 

How to Hire a Professional SEO

When you are ready with your budget and the products you need to optimise then the time has come to call SEO companies to help you out in to optimise your website. 

Ask for a custom quote mentioning your requirements, here are some of the points you need to ask a SEO company 

  • Ask their previous SEO work
  • Ask them who are their clients
  • Ask them to show their client testimonials of their previous SEO work
  • You can use tools to check in multiple search engines for different keywords and check whether the websites is ranked on top pages for the mentioned keywords.
  • Forward your SEO plans and strategy and ask them how they can help in optimising your website to make it top in Search engine pages.
  • Ask their custom quote for optimising your 20 keyword plan with keyword wise and duration for optimising the website.
  • Ask their strategy that how they plan about to optimise the website.
  • Ask them to detail the quote on SEO for each keyword and the time frame to optimise each keywords.

When you get all those details from the SEO companies of your region then you can easily compare the price, their previous work and experience of each company and choose the best and allot the work to optimise your website.

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About Bala

Balachandar is Founder of Design O Soft with more than 10 years of solid experience in Web Designing, Search Engine Optimisation, Content writing and E commerce Web Design. He leads a vibrant, smart and dynamic team to design and develop world class business websites. He helped clients around the world to market their products and services to world market using his vast experience and Internet technology. He has written more than 2500 pages of quality contents to inspire buyers and help customers to sell their products..

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