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Important things to consider when you design a shopping cart

Posted on 16-12-2009

Important things that you need to keep in mind when you design a Shopping Cart Website

OK you need a Shopping Cart or E Commerce website to support your e business to promote your products or services online that is a great decision on your part.  E commerce or shopping cart websites are great way to sell your products to larger markets because of the search engine visibility and internet reach to world audience. Internet takes your product to world audience with the help of search engines and  by online marketing means.

I have seen and experienced the power of shopping carts websites which we designed and optimized for our clients world wide.  A great user friendly shopping cart website can make fortunes to the business owner in a short period of time.

SEO Friendly Shopping cart designs 

Shopping cart websites are meant to sell some thing or other we need to keep the design and structure that way.  Avoid flashy scripts and images which divert the user attention and reduces sales.

Most developers forget that shopping cart websites are designed to sell not just show off.  You need to develop the websites totally SEO friendly to extract the traffic from search engines.  You need a long term plan for search engines before you develop a shopping cart websites.  Because search engines provides good traffic when its optimised for your product or service keywords.

Like using the mod rewrite function to make it a seo friendly url and give options for the clients to update the meta tag and meta description and keywords while they add a new products or new services dynamically using their admin panel.

Keep it Simple to sell

You need to know one thing that the customers come to your shopping cart websites to buy your products or services of their choice.  You need to keep the process of buying as simple as you can because you will not get a second chance once you customers leave your website without purchasing your products.


Design your Shopping Cart website with professional

Selling is a professional job and you need to select a web developing company who knows in out of marketing and the knack to sell online. You check their previous jobs and see how their shopping cart websites performs in various search engines.  Ask their clients contact numbers and speak to them and ask them about their services and search engine optimisation results.


A trick to Lure

When customer likes a product and update the product into the cart show him the similar products to choose for with discounts because this works with most customers.

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